Gift Card Program


READY FOR YOUR REBATES? Contact the gift card office by the 10th of the month to request them! Checks will be ready by the 30th, at the parish office. Thank you for supporting our ShopWithScrip Fundraising Program! And rebates earned are split 50/50.


Gift Card Office Hours:
Mon, Thurs, Fri – 9:30AM-3:00PM
Tuesday &Wednesday -9:30AM-6:00PM                                                            Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30AM-4:00PM (July/August)

For updates and additional program information follow us on Facebook at:

Juanita Berrocal-Diamond is the Parish Gift Card Program Coordinator, she manages and administers all aspects of the program.  215-788-7266

ONLINE ORDERING: Visit  or call the gift card office to set up an appointment.  Let us show you how to order from home, your smartphone, or any mobile device.  Set up Presto pay and you can order, pay for, and download e-cards 24/7 from anywhere.

If you do NOT want to participate in online ordering but would like to purchase gift cards, please fill out this form so we can create and account for you.
Enrollment Form

SCRIP-TO-GO: Walk-in orders. Cards available for immediate purchase.
Scrip-To-Go Order Form

You can send in your order to school with your child ($200 max) But you must complete this waiver.
Gift Card Pick-Up Waiver

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Here’s How It Works

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The St. Mark Parish Gift Card Program is an effective, convenient and easy way to raise funds for the school. All you do is simply shop for essential household items using St. Mark Parish Gift Cards from leading local, regional and national retailers. Each Gift Card purchased provides a percentage from the sale of the Gift Card to the Parish and the card purchaser.

What’s unique about this fundraising program is that you’re not just earning money for the school, YOU’RE EARNING MONEY FOR YOUR FAMILY TOO!  St. Mark shares 50% of the profits with you, the buyer.  You can cash this out and use your earning for anything you want. (As long as your tuition is up to date.)

If every registered St. Mark Parish family purchased $50 of Gift Cards a week, St. Mark School would realize approximately $59,000 in donations each year.

Here’s how the St. Mark Parish Gift Card Program works. Open an account with St. Mark and purchase Gift Cards for normal everyday shopping and a percentage of earnings for each Gift Card is split evenly between you and the Parish. Accumulated earnings (rebates) can be applied towards school tuition or disbursed directly by check, to the account holder.  Request your rebates by the 10th of the month and your check will be available by the 30th.

Hundreds of stores from across the country participate in Gift Cards allowing relatives and friends from all over the country to partake in St. Mark’s Parish Gift Card Program to help a grandchild, niece, nephew, God child or friend experience the value and benefits of a Catholic education.

Gift Card purchases can be made by either cash or check.