Advisory Committee

The St. Mark Advisory Committee is comprised of one representative from its various sub committees and of representatives from the Parish Council and Parish Finance Council. The Advisory Group will coordinate all parish and school efforts to grow and support St. Mark. This committee will be the structure through which all of the current initiatives for the school will be organized. Many of you have already been involved in these activities, or expressed interest in getting involved. This new structure will make it easier and more effective for you to do so. We hope you will offer your talents to help us achieve our goals.

Our Mission

  1. To ensure St. Mark School is a model school, both spiritually and academically.
  2. To pave the way for enhanced and continued excellence.
  3. To maintain financial strength and long-term sustainability.


Join Us!

Please join us in this work and volunteer to participate on one of our committees. Joining one of the committees is an easy way to complete the annual requirement for volunteer hours.  If you are willing to contribute to this great work, you can contact the committee chair or simply send an e-mail to with your skills and interests.