The following month under the direction of then-pastor, Father Joseph Daly, a building fund was begun. In a statement in the parish bulletin, Father stated: “In the future we hope to increase our present funds considerably, so much so that we might show the Archdiocese that we are prepared to build for the future of this parish.” Again the loyal parishioners worked for the opening of the school and supported the building fund. In September of 1969, Archbishop Kroll announced permission for St. Mark to develop its riverfront property.

The nineteen-seventies saw a rebirth of the St. Mark Parish School. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new St. Mark School were held on May 1, 1970, and the building was opened in 1971. First through third grades attended school in this building, while grades four through eight continued at St. Mark-Ephrem. Sadly, at about the same time, a fire damaged the old St. Mark building and caused considerable damage. The property was sold to the Grundy Foundation. In May 1971, the structure was demolished. Even though the building was gone, memories remained in the hearts and minds of those who received their education there. With the whole-hearted support of the parish a project to include kindergarten and all eight grades was undertaken. In the 1977-78 school term, the new school building was opened to capacity, with a waiting list for all eight grades. A principal and four sisters were assigned to St. Mark School and our school consolidation ended.

With a decline in vocations, after one-hundred years of service to St. Mark Parish, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary departed our school and left it in the hands of the very dedicated and hard working lay faculty. The faculty of our St. Mark School continues the wonderful tradition of educating its students in a Christian atmosphere. Thousands of children have graduated from our school, instilled with the principles of a religious education. It is our hope that our present student body will also leave with not only a great education and religious values, but with a true love and respect for the hallowed halls of St. Mark.