7th Grade

Miss Ashley Bollens


Homeroom announcements: 

Monday April 22nd NO SCHOOL 

Religion: none

ELA: none

7th Science:  none

Math: none

Social Studies: none

Spanish: Spanish packet due in one week

Tuesday April 23rd

Religion: none

ELA: Finish exercises 1-3 in voyages textbook; finish critical thinking questions in literature book

7th Science: Quiz Friday

Math: Do page 461; do SS lesson 126; SS study guide due Thursday

Social Studies: Chapter 9 Section 3 study guide due tomorrow

Spanish: complete packet for Monday (4/29)

Wednesday April 24th:   

Religion: none

ELA: complete both verb pages in packet; Percy rough draft due Friday

7th Science: Complete lesson 1 review

Math: Do page 471 (all problems done in copy book); ss study guide due tomorrow; test Wednesday

Social Studies: Chapter 9 section 4 study guide due tomorrow; Chapter 9 test Friday 

Thursday April 25th      

Religion: none

ELA: Voyages page 48; Percy Rough Draft due tomorrow

7th Science: study for quiz tomorrow

Math: do page 473; finish SS lesson 128; SS quiz tomorrow

Social Studies: Study for Test tomorrow 

Friday April 26th



7th Science: 


Social Studies: 



Reading: Life Without Gravity Reading Test Monday (4/29)

Grammar: Indicative, Imperative and Emphatic Moods quiz Tuesday (4/30)

Writing: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters book/movie differences rough draft due Friday (4/26)

Vocab: Units 10-12 Test Monday (4/29)

Religion: Chapter 24 Quiz Friday (5/3)

Science: Unit 1 Lesson 1 Ecology quiz Friday  (4/26)

Social Studies: Chapter 9 Test Friday (4/26)

Math: SS Friday (4/26); Test Wednesday (5/1)

Spanish: Quiz on Adjectives (4/30)

Previous Week’s Homework:



Hi 7th Grade! I am super excited to be teaching you this year! I’m going to be bringing plenty of science background into the classroom so I know we will have a fun year. I have high expectations of you and I know you will give me your best work. Please check this website for Homework, Quizzes/Tests and announcements. On this site there is extra homework help sources for you to check out. I hope to have an awesome year with you!

Ms. B






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