7th Grade

Miss Kosielowski

HOMEWORK 10/22/2019

** Halloween fair money ($5) **

Math – Finish page 157. Do 26 to 30 on page 158. Test Tuesday

Religion – Quiz Monday on chapter 6

Science – Work on group project – photosynthesis & cell respiration group project

Social Studies – Two Points of View Worksheet

ELA – Read next chapter in Fair Weather- Christmas in July. Voyagers page 12 – next 5 sentences – Grammar quiz Friday

HOMEWORK 10/18/2019

** Halloween fair money ($5) **

Math – 

Religion – 

Science – Quiz Monday – finish note-taking guide

Social Studies – Patriots Pen rough draft due Monday. Quiz on Chapter 2, Section 2 Monday 

ELA – Read up to page9 in Fair Weather

Spanish – Quiz Tuesday

HOMEWORK 10/17/2019

** Halloween fair money ($5) **

Math – Complete page 149. Simple Solutions quiz tomorrow on lessons 21-24

Religion – finish worksheet on infancy narrative. Quiz tomorrow on chapter 5

Science – Super Cells due tomorrow. Quiz on Lesson 5 Monday

Social Studies – Start typing Patriots Pen essay. Finish note-taking guide on page 21 in workbook. Quiz on Section 2 Monday 

ELA – Vocab Test tomorrow on all 20 words, lesson 1. Finish reflective paragraph: submit on classroom. 

Spanish – Quiz Tuesday

HOMEWORK 10/16/2019

** Halloween fair money ($5) **

Math – Study Guide due tomorrow

Religion – Follow directions and do #2 on page 39 from book. Quiz Friday.

Science – Lesson 5 review. Pages 60 and 61 in workbook

Social Studies – WRITE beginning of patriots pen essay – Introduction and Body Paragraph (rough draft)

ELA – Page 20 and 21 in vocab book. Vocab test on all 20 words Friday. My Perspective, short writing assignment on page 9. 

Spanish – Quiz next week

HOMEWORK 10/15/2019

Math – Finish simple solutions lesson 22. Study guide due Thursday. Quiz tomorrow

Religion – Read pages 14-16 in Decision Points & do all questions completely on page 17

Science – Photosynthesis crossword puzzle

Social Studies – Christopher Columbus reading & guided questions worksheet

ELA – Write five sentences using next ten words (need to have appositives). Finish summary on page 8 of My Perspectives workbook

Spanish – Quiz next week




Hi 7th Grade! I am super excited to be teaching you this year! I’m going to be bringing plenty of ELA background into the classroom so I know we will have a fun, creative and exciting year. I have high expectations of you and I know you will give me your best work. Please check this website for Homework, Quizzes/Tests and announcements. On this site there is extra homework help sources for you to check out. I hope to have an awesome year with you!

Miss. K








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