4th Grade

Mrs. Jeanine McGee



Hello! My name is Jeanine McGee! I am looking forward to a wonderful school year! 4th grade is filled with many exciting activities all year long!



MARCH 27, 2020

Due Today:  Current Event (Social Studies), Irish Blessing, & #5 Essay Moonwalk

Stay healthy & God Bless! Keep up the AMAZING job 4th Grade!

If any questions, please email me: jeaninemcgee8@gmail.com & jmcgee@stmarkmail.com

Please join our GOOGLE CLASSROOM~ Mrs. McGee 2020

  • workbooks are posted for next week, please log on and see! (Math, Readers/ Writers Notebook, & Spelling Words)

Zoom Lesson~ Daily Lessons will start promptly at 10a.m.  We will be having class Monday- Thursday.  Friday will be an enrichment day for the students to work on assignments, projects, & assessments.  

Starting next week, the students will have links for GYM, ART, MUSIC, COMPUTERS, & SPANISH.  Please look next week! 

Please join us muted, I will take attendance by calling numbers and then start with a prayer.   Each lesson will be 45 minutes.  Thank you for your cooperation today!  

ZOOM Meeting~ 570-104-4862

Password ~ 661437


WEEK OF March 30, 2020

Monday: MARCH 30, 2020

Reading Story:  My Brother Martin

                  Reading:  Complete Title/ Author/ Genre/Vocabulary Words in                            copybook.  Read two short Stories pgs. 325 & 327

                  Spelling~ Write Words  ( My Brother Martin) #1-10 3x’s each 

                  Writing~ Personal Narrative : Due April 2nd ( 5-7 sentences)

                               ~ Remember to Journal everyday!

                  Math~ Fractions~ Chapter 8 Lessons 8 & 9 & Work on fraction                            packet 

                 Social Studies: Chapter 10 Past, Present, & Future Assignment                         Due  April 1st

                Science~ read and complete pgs. 332 & 333 & Work on Planet                            Assignments ( Postcard/Brochure & Design Your Own Planet due                      April 3rd)

                Religion~ Study and review for Chapter 19 Quiz ( will be posted                      on Google Classroom)

Tuesday: March 31, 2020

                 Religion~ Review for Chapter 19 Quiz & Write a prayer for                               healing and peace during this time.  You may add a picture too.                         We will share in class! 

                 Reading~ Read story~ My Brother Martin ~ pgs. 268-280

                                   Readers Writers Notebook pg. 387 

                 Spelling ~ Write #1-10 3x’s each 

                 Writing ~ Continue working Personal Narrative Writing 

                                   Journal time!

                  Math~ Chapter 8 : Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548

                  Science ~ Read & complete pgs. 332 & 333 & work on Planet                              Assignments

                 Social Studies~ Wkbk pg.  66 

                 Poems due today~ SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! We will recite during class                   today! 

WEDNESDAY, April 1, 2020

               Religion~ Online Chapter 19 Quiz & Prayer Share 

               Reading~ Complete pg. 281 Think Critically #1-5 

               Spelling~ Write #20-25 3x’s each 

              Writing~  Personal Narrative Due today

              Math~ Chapter 8 Fractions Review pgs. 549-551 & Packet

              Science~ Read & complete pages 334-338

             Social Studies~ Review for Chapter 10 Quiz * & Project due today (                 Past, Present, & Future Entrepreneur) 

Thursday, April 2, 2020 

                   Religion:  Chapter 21 read pgs. 175 & 176

                   Reading ~ RWNB pgs. 388, 389, 394

                  Spelling ~ Paragraph Challenge Write a paragraph using 10                                words! 

                 Math~ Review for upcoming quiz on Fractions! 

                 Science~ text pgs. 349 & 340

                 Social Studies~  Review for Chapter 10 Quiz 

Friday, April 3, 2020

              No ZOOM class today! 

             Work on any upcoming assignments and projects:

             Reading Packet due today, Religion Stations of the Cross, Science                       Planet Projects

             Check Google Classroom for Math, Religion, & Social Studies Quiz 

             Find a poem for April to recite~ April is National Poetry Month! 

             We will have a Science Quiz & Reading Quiz next week~ 


UPDATES:  There will no ZOOM classes on  April 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th 

                    Week of Holy Week and Easter. Take time to pray~               




WEEK of March 23, 2020

Spanish Packet Week 2

Reading Website:  Moonwalk

Monday, March 23rd:

Religion:  Start with a prayer, read pgs. 171 & 172 

                  Work on Lent Packet and Stations of the Cross Packet

Reading: Complete Title/Author/ Genre/ Reading Vocabulary Words

                 Read story Moonwalk short stories pgs. 291, 292 

                  Read story Moonwalk pgs. 294-305 

                  RWNB. pgs. 362 & 364

                  Memorize March Poems

Spelling: Write words #1-10 3x’s each

Math:  Lesson 9 pgs. 537 – 542 ( look for fraction videos on Google Classroom/ Khan Academy)

Science: Read and complete pgs. 327 – 329 

                Science Current Event 

Social Studies:  Continue working on Chapter 10 Review and Past, Present, & Future Entrepreneurs Assignment


TUESDAY: March 24th

Religion ~ Read and complete pgs. 167- 168 

Reading~ Read Story Moonwalk Read pgs. 294- 306 

                  Complete Think Critically pg. 306 #1-5

                   Readers/ Writers pgs. 362 & 364

                   Spelling ~ Write Words #11-20 x’s each

                   Vocabulary~ Workshop~ Continue working on packet

Math~ Complete Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548

Social Studies~ Continue working on Chapter 10 Review, Past, Present, & Future Assignment, & Current Event

Science~  Read and complete pgs. 330-331 & continue working on Current Event.  Science Assignment 

Planet Project:  Create a Postcard or Planet Brochure. Be sure to include facts about the planet you choose to write about and draw a picture the planet! Use facts and be creative! You may type this assignment too!  I created a GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Image result for science planet assignment for 4th grade

Wednesday: March 25, 2020

Feast of the Annunciation~ Say a prayer to Mary, Our Blessed Mother today~

Reading ~ Readers Writers Pages 363 & 369

                      Spelling Write #20- 25 3x’s each

                     Vocabulary~ Continue Working Vocabulary Workshop

Religion~ Read and complete  pgs. 167 & Lent packet

                   Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #1

Math~ Continue working on  Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548 

              Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #1

Science ~ Read and complete pgs. 332-335 & continue working on Science Planet Project

 Social Studies ~ Continue working on Current Events & Chapter 10 Assignment

Thursday: March 26, 2020

Religion~ Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #2 

Reading ~ Text pgs. 308- 309

                   Writing pg. 308 Prompt ~ Personal Narrative Write a rough draft                      in your copybook

                    Spelling Write a sentence for #1-10 words

Math ~  Chapter 8 Review pgs. 549-551 &

                Daily  Maintenance Sheet Column #2

Science ~ pgs. 336-340 & Continue working on Planet Project

Social Studies~ continue Chapter 10 assignments


Friday: March 27, 2020 ~ WEAR YOUR ST. MARK GEAR for ZOOM! Make the St. Mark Lion..ROAR!!!

Religion~ Irish Blessings due today! 

                   Wrap up Lent packet & Daily Maintenance Column #3

Reading ~ Packet ( short stories)

                    Readers Writers pg. 370

                    Spelling ~ Sentences for #11- 20 words

 Math~ Fraction Packet ( complete two pages) &

              Daily Maintenance Column #3

Science ~Current Events & Work on Planet Project due April 3rd

Social Studies~ Past, Present, and Future Project & Current Event Due today! 


Week of March 16th, 2020

Good Morning God Prayer~ Morning Prayers~ Afternoon Prayers

Reading Website: Antarctic Journal

Monday 16th : Follow Day 1 of packet

Tuesday 17th : Follow Day 2 of packet

Wednesday 18th : Follow Day 3 of packet

Thursday 19th:  Follow Day 4 of packet & PRAY THE ROSARY @ 4p.m.

Friday 20th:  Follow Day 5 of packet

Extras:  Math Packet, Current Events, Writing Assignments, Religion Packet, Memorize MARCH poems

Spanish ~ Packet Week 1 


Helpful Websites:

Christ Our Life / Loyola Press~ Grade 4



Username: SadlierStudent

Password: ReadyToLearn!

sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com#null (orange book)

Spelling City 



IXL~ Math Grade 4 

khanacademy.org ~ Grade 4


Common Core Sheets


nationalgeographic.org ( Study with Kahoot)


Current Events:


Time for Kids 



Monday ~ Spanish

Tuesday~ Computers

Wednesday~ Music

Thursday~ Art

Friday~ Gym/Library 


4th Grade Supply List 2019- 2020:

The following will be provided by Saint Mark School:

Blue marble composition books

Theme tablets

The following will be purchased outside of school:

Sharpened pencils/mechanical pencils

Red pens


5        Two-pocket folders

1        Pencil case

1        Twelve inch ruler (non-bendable plastic)

1        box of colored pencils (12)

1        pack of crayons (24)

1        pack of markers (8)

1        art box(standard size 8 5/8 x 5 3/4) NO LARGER PLEASE

2       rolls of tape

1        pair of scissors

1        bottle of Elmer’s liquid glue

2       glue sticks

index cards/index card box

School bag

**All textbooks must be covered with a book sock or brown paper***

***All workbooks must be covered with clear contact paper***

Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year. (Pencils, pens, glue-sticks, and tape are some examples).

**Please label your child’s crayons, markers, colored pencils, tape, ruler and glue-sticks with their names only, in Sharpie markers.**






  • Pray
  • Respect One Another
  • Help Each Other
  • Be Happy
  • Show Compassion
  • Be Thankful
  • Dream Big
  • Listen
  • Learn New Things
  • Be Creative
  • Be Patient
  • Study


Homework Help



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