4th Grade

Mrs. Jeanine McGee



Hello! My name is Jeanine McGee! I am looking forward to a wonderful school year! 4th grade is filled with many exciting activities all year long!



May 26, 2020  

Social Studies ~ 3 Branches of Government ~ please submit

If you did not complete the Stem Card Lab ~ please submit! 


 Science Writing Assignment ~ Ecosystem due on May 28th

Recite May poems on May 28th


If any questions, please email me: jeaninemcgee8@gmail.com & jmcgee@stmarkmail.com 

Please join our GOOGLE CLASSROOM~ Mrs. McGee 2020

Zoom Lesson~ Daily Lessons will start promptly at 10a.m.  We will be having class Monday- Thursday.  Friday will be an enrichment day for the students to work on assignments, projects, & assessments.  

Please join us muted, I will take attendance by calling numbers and then start with a prayer. Please have all workbooks and copybooks ready to go!   Thank you for your cooperation! 


WEEK OF MAY 25, 2020

Monday, May 25th:  OFF~  NO ZOOM CLASS~ Happy Memorial Day! 

Tuesday, May 26th: Exam Review on Zoom today and each day this week! Please complete the exams posted each day by noon! Thanks! 

Wednesday, May 27th:  Religion Exam  & Math Exam

Thursday,  May 28th:  Reading Exam & Science Exam

Friday, May 29th : Grammar Exam & Spelling Exam

Monday, June 1st:  Social Studies Exam


End of the Year Reminders:

Students will be able to pick up anything that they still had in the classroom.  Also, at this time they will be able to drop off Social Studies and Reading textbooks ( a desk is outside my classroom, please stack them up) The students will be able to pick up their summer reading packet & supply list for 5th Grade! 

Thank you for a wonderful school year! I loved being together and wish all of you a safe and peaceful summer! 



WEEK OF MAY 18, 2020

* Begin to study for upcoming EXAMS~ Study Guides posted on Google Classroom*

Monday, May 18, 2020

Religion~ read pgs. 207 & 208 & pray a decade of the Rosary

Math~ pgs. 631- 636 

Readers Writers Notebook ~ pgs. 440, 441, 443

Social Studies ~ Chapter 12 pgs. 292 – 295 wkbk pgs. 74 & 75

work on writing assignment posted on Google Classroom

Science~ Study for Unit 4 Test due tomorrow! & last science assignment posted today. 

Prepare questions for our Virtual Field Trip on Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Religion~ pgs. 209 & 210 & pray a decade of the Rosary

Reading~ RWNB pgs. 442, 444, & 447

Math~ pg. 637- 642

Grammar ~ Quiz on Google Classroom

Science ~ Unit 4 Test on Google Classroom & Card house due today! 

Work on Ecosystem assignment

Social Studies~ pgs. 297-300 read & wkbk pg. 76 Field Trip tomorrow~ Have questions ready to ask! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Religion ~ pg. 241 & Write a short prayer in your copybook to our Blessed Mother

Reading ~ Readers/ Writers pgs. 449, 452, 453

Math~ pgs. 643- 648 & Review pgs. 649- 650/

Social Studies~  pgs. 302 & 303  wkbk pg. 77 & Chapter 12 Writing Assignment due Friday ( posted on Google Classroom)

Science~ Start studying for end of the year assessment & work on Ecosystem assignment

FIELD TRIP today! Virtual ~ Pennsbury Manor ~ 10 a.m. -10:30 a.m.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Religion~ pgs. 197 & 198 & say a special prayer today to honor our Blessed Mother 

Reading ~ RWNB pg. 448, 435, & 430

Math~ pgs. 651- 656

Social Studies~ pg. 306 & 307 Vocabulary & Places and Terms

Facts and Main Ideas #1-6 & Chapter 12 Assignment due today

Science ~ Study for end of the year assessment & Ecosystem assignment due on May 28th

Friday, May 22, 2020

Enrichment Day~ please finish any work from the week and submit any tests! 

We will recite May poems on Thursday, May 28th

Reminder we are OFF MONDAY, May 25th Memorial Day

May 26th Will be an exam review on ZOOM!  

4th Grade 2020 Exam Schedule: Please complete the exam the day it is assigned! Thank you! Please complete the exams each day by noon. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 27th:  Religion & Math

Thursday,  May 28th:  Reading & Science

Friday, May 29th : Grammar & Spelling 

Monday, June 1st:  Social Studies


During the week of June 8th~ 

Students will be able to pick up their books and drop off Social Studies and Reading textbooks! Also, at this time the students will pick up their summer reading packet for 5th Grade~  


WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Religion~  Chapter 23 Test posted on Google Classroom & pray a decade of the Rosary 

STEM LAB~ Playing card house due this week! Send a picture! 

Reading~ Vocabulary words for the new story~ The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon 

Readers/ Writers Notebook ~ pgs. 430 & 431

Spelling ~ Write words #1-10 3’xs each 

Math~ We will review fractions in class today! Math Chapter 9 Test (Wed)

Science ~ Read and complete Lesson 5 pgs. 221-225  

Social Studies ~  wkbk pg, 73 & Study 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

 Last Listening Assessment On Google Classroom due Thursday!

Religion~ Chapter 24 pgs. 199 – 200 & pray a decade of the Rosary

Reading ~ Read story pgs. 450- 459 ( read half of the story)

Readers/ Writers Notebook ~ pg. 433

Spelling ~ Write words # 11- 20 3’xs each

Science ~  Read pages 226 –  229 / STEM LAB ( card house due May 15th)

Social Studies~ Study for upcoming Chapter 11 test on Thursday 

Math~ Review for upcoming test/ Math Performance Assessment Posted due May 18th

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 

Religion ~  Chapter 24 read pgs. 201 & 202 & pray a decade of the Rosary

Reading ~ finish reading story pgs. 460 – 463  

Readers/ Writers Notebook ~ pgs. 432 & 439

Math ~ Chapter 9 Test FRACTIONS

Science~ Lesson 5 review pgs. 230-232 & Unit 4 review pg. 239 & work on STEM LAB ( card houses)

Social Studies ~ Study for upcoming test tomorrow! 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Art Lesson posted 

Religion ~ Chapter 24 read pages 203- 204 & pray a decade of the Rosary

Reading ~ Think Critically #1-5 pg. 464 (in copybook)

Readers/ Writers Notebook pg. 438 

Math~ Chapter 10 ~ Am I Ready? pgs. 625 & 626

Science ~  Science Quiz today on Google Classroom

Unit 4 Review pgs. 240- 242 & Study ~ Test on Monday! 

Social Studies~ Chapter 11 Test today on Google Classroom 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Please complete assessments that was posted yesterday: Math Chapter 9 Test & Performance Assessment, and Science Quiz Unit 4 

Spanish posted today~ 

STEM LAB Card house picture due Tuesday~ May 19th~ Send a picture!

Math ~ Performance Assessment due Friday, May 15th

Science ~ Unit 4 Test Google Classroom on Tuesday, May 19th

May 20th Virtual Field Trip

End of the year assessments begin last week of May~ Stay tuned for a schedule! 

Exams Week of May 27th – June 1st

Last day of ZOOM June 1st 

All assignments and assessment must be turned in by June 5th

Dates will be sent soon from Mrs. Sanson for a sign up~ School pick up items &  drop off of books! Books that need to be returned : Social Studies Textbook and Reading Textbook! Thank you! 



WEEK OF MAY 4, 2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

Listening Assessment #2~  Posted on Google Classroom 

Religion Test Chapter 22 Test posted on Google Classroom & Beatitudes Assignment due May 6th & pray a decade of the Rosary

Writing~ Think Critically #5 Due tomorrow~ How Tia Lola Came to Stay/Visit

Reading ~ Vocabulary words for the story A Gift from the Heart

Spelling~ Write #1-10 2x’s each 

Grammar~ Readers Writers pg. 421

Math ~ pg. 605-606

Science ~ pgs. 189-197 Read and complete

Social Studies~  Read Chapter 11 Lesson 2 pgs. 282- 285 

May Poetry~ Last poems of the school year! Be ready to recite May 27th

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Religion ~ Read pages 191 & 192 (Chapter 23) & pray a decade of the Rosary

Reading ~ Read story ~   A Gift from the Heart pgs. 420-435

Readers/ Writers pgs. 420 & 422

Writing~ Think Critically #5 Due today~ (Tia Lola)

Spelling ~ Write #11-20 3’xs each

Math~ Lesson 8 pgs. 607- 612

Science~ pgs. 198-201 Read and complete pages

Social Studies~ wkbk pg. 71

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Religion ~ Pray a decade of the Rosary & Beatitude Assignment due today   (Choose one Beatitude and write a reflection how you can apply it to your life.) & Read pgs. 193- 194

Reading~ Think Critically # 1-5 pg. 436

Readers/ Writers pgs. 418 & 427

Math~ Lesson 9 pgs. 613-618 & Performance Assessment posted on Google Classroom (complete today)

Science~ Read and complete pages pg. 202 -204

Social Studies ~ wkbk pg. 73 & pg. 288 Vocabulary,  People & Terms

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Religion ~ Chapter 23 pgs. 195, 196 & pray a decade of the Rosary 

Reading~ Complete Reading Test on Google Classroom A Gift from the Heart

Math~ Chapter 9 Review pgs. 619-621

Science ~ read and complete pgs. 207-211 & new STEM activity! 

Social Studies~  Complete pg. 289 Facts and Main Ideas #1-8

Friday, May 8, 2020 

Enrichment Day!

Science~ Read and complete pages 212 – 220 

Assessments for today:

Math ~ Chapter 9 Quiz  posted on Google Classroom

Spelling ~ Complete Spelling Test on Google Classroom A Gift from the Heart

Upcoming Reminders:  

CARD House STEM project Due ~ May 15th

Monday~ Chapter 23 Religion TEST

Spanish Assessment will be posted. No homework! 

Virtual Field Trip May 20th 10 a.m. 

Pen Pal O.L.O.G~ Virtual Meet & Greet in May ~  Yay! 


WEEK OF APRIL 27, 2020 

Monday:  April 27, 2020

STEM Activity:  Stem Activity Lesson~ Build a Bridge Activity~ .           May 5th            Please follow the guidelines posted on Google Classroom.  Delaware River Bridge Project! Design a bridge using household materials.  Draw a river and use items around the house to build a bridge.  Be creative and have fun! Take pictures and can’t wait to see and hear about your idea! #delawareriverwinner2020

Listening Assessment: Today at the end of ZOOM 

Religion:  Please complete Chapter 21 Test on Google Classroom today

Beatitude Assignment due on April 30th.  Choose one Beatitude and write a reflection about it, and draw a symbol. 

Reading:  How Tia Lola Came to Stay~ Vocabulary words & read story      pgs. 385 & 387

Spelling:  Write Words 1-5 3x’s each and a sentence for each word

Grammar: Readers Writers Notebook pg. 410

Math:  Check My Progress pgs. 585-586

Science:  Work on STEM Bridge Activity due May 1st

Tuesday: April 28, 2020

Religion:  Chapter 22 read pgs. 183- 184

Reading:  Read pages 388-403 ( How Tia Lola came to Stay)

Spelling: Write words #6-10 3x’s each

Readers/ Writers Notebook: pgs. 409 & 411

Math:  pgs. 587-593

Social Studies:  Complete pg. 280 #1-5 Check Facts & Main Ideas

Wednesday: April 29, 2020

Writing:  Think Critically #5 on Google Classroom due Tuesday

Religion:  Read pgs. 185 & 186

Reading:  Complete Think Critically pg. 404 #1-5 

Spelling:  Write # 11-20 3x’s each

Readers/ Writers: pg. 416

Math: pg. 593-598

Science: Read & complete Unit 4 Lesson 1 pgs. 173- 176 Work on STEM Bridge Activity DATE CHANGED ~ DUE MAY 5th**

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Poetry:  Recite Poems today on ZOOM! You may also recite on Monday, if you are not ready!

Religion:  pgs.  187- 188 & Beatitudes Assignment due May 6th

Reading:  Readers/ Writers Notebook pg. 417 & Reading Test ( How Tia Lola Came to Stay)

Spelling: Write # 20-25 3x’s each & Study for upcoming test

Math:  pgs. 599- 604 

Science:  read & complete pages 175 – 179 & work on STEM Bridge due Monday! Take pics and send to me!

Friday:  May 1, 2020

Enrichment Day: 

Please make sure all past assignments/assessments are turned in today! Thank you! Please double check to see that all is accurate on MSP, not Google Classroom.

Spelling: Test today~ Please complete today. Thank you!

Upcoming Tests:

Listening Assessment~ Monday, May 4th ~ The story is posted with the test!

Religion~ Chapter 22 Test on Monday

Writing ~ Think Critically # 5 Tia Lola ~ Due May 5th

Math ~Chapter 9 Performance Assessment & Chapter 9 Quiz 

Beatitude Assignment ~ Due May 6th

STEM Bridge Due May 5th~ They look AMAZING! Send a pic to my email! 

  Take time to pray and think of how we can honor Mary, Our Mother throughout the month of May! 



WEEK OF APRIL 20, 2020~ FEAST OF ST. MARK April 25th

Monday:  April 20, 2020

                   Religion: pgs. 179, 180 & work on The Beatitudes Packet on                                 Google Classroom

                   Reading:  Reading text pg. 372 Think Critically #1-5

                   Spelling: words #20-25 Write 3x’s each & a sentence for each                             word

                  Math: Chapter 9 pgs. 555 Am I Ready? pgs. 561-566

                  Science: Earth Day Assignments posted on Google Classroom &                        Unit 6 Planet Test

Tuesday:  April 21, 2020 

                  Religion:  In copybook, complete “DO” pg. 180 ” Happiness is…” &                     work on The Beatitudes packet

                  Math:  Lesson 2 complete pgs. 567-572

                 Reading: work on #5 Think Critically in copybook (5 sentences)

                Science: Earth Day Activities posted on Google Classroom

               Social Studies: Chapter 11 Read Lesson 1 pgs. 278-280

Wednesday: April 22, 2020       HAPPY EARTH DAY! 

                     Religion: Chapter 21 Review Beatitudes & work on packet on                              Google Classroom.  The assignment is due April 30th.  Choose                            one Beatitude and write how you can apply it to your own life                          and draw a symbol.

                     Spelling: Complete test: Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path                                                  posted on Google Classroom

                     Reading:  #5 Think Critically on Google Classroom due Friday!

                     Math:  Lesson 3 pgs. 573-578 

                      Social Studies: workbook pgs. 68 & 69

                      Science: Earth Day Activities posted on Google Classroom &                              share discussion material today in class

THURSDAY, April 23, 2020

                       Religion:  Feast of St. Mark Discussion on ZOOM.  What are                               some ways you make the St. Mark Lion ROAR?  Pray the St.                                 Mark prayer posted on Google Classroom together. 

                       Reading:  Complete Reading Test on Google Classroom

                       Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

                      Math:  Lesson 4 pgs. 579-582 

                      Science :  Earth Day Activities posted on Google Classroom 

                      Social Studies: wkbk pg. 70 

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020

               Enrichment day: Finish assignments today! Take time for prayer,                   Feast of St. Mark April 25th!  Have a peaceful weekend!

                 Religion ~ Chapter 21 Test will be on Monday, April 27th  Study                          Guide is posted on Google Classroom.   

               Listening Assessment~ Monday during ZOOM, take the test during or right after our lesson.  We will see how this goes! No stress!   

  STEM Activity:  Stem Activity Lesson~

Build a Bridge Activity :  Due May 1st ~ 

Please follow the guidelines posted on Google Classroom.  Delaware River Bridge Project! Design a bridge using household materials.  Draw a river and use items around the house to build a bridge.  Be creative and have fun! Take pictures and can’t wait to see and hear about your idea! #delawareriverwinner2020


WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2020

Tuesday : April 14, 2020 

                Religion: Chapter 21 Read pgs. 175 & 176

                Reading:  Set up copybook for the new story:  Jim Thorpe’s Bright                    Path.  Read pgs. 353 & 355 in reading textbook.  

                Spelling : Write #1-5 3x’s each and a sentence for each word, using                  a different punctuation mark for the ending. 

                Writing: Brainstorm ( in your copybook) the Question of the                            Week:  How can our abilities influence our dreams and goals?

                Math:  Chapter 8 Lesson 10 pgs.  543-548  * *Watch videos that are                     posted & additional math sheets if needed* *

              Social Studies ~ Chapter 10 is posted for Thursday, April 16th

   Wednesday:  April 15th, 2020

              Religion: Read page 177 

              Spelling: Write words #6-10 3x’s each and a sentence for each                          word. (using different endings*)

             Reading:  Read story:  Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path pgs. 356-371

             Math:  pgs. 549- 551 Review~ Test scheduled for Thursday, April 16th

             Science: Study for Unit 6 Test & Read article on Google Classroom                  (Time for Kids ~ Should Cars be banned?)

            Social Studies: Study for Chapter 10 Test 

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 

            Religion:  Read pg. 178  Begin to reflect and complete page one                       the Beatitudes packet posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  I will                              explain what will be turned in for a grade**

           Spelling: Write #11- 15 3x’s each & write a sentence for each one. 

           Readers/Writers Notebook: complete pgs. 398 & 400

           Math~ Chapter 8 Test posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM * must                           complete today by 2p.m. today* 

           Social Studies: Chapter 10 Test posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM*                     must be completed by 2 p.m. today ***

          Science: Study for Unit 6 Test &  Read article on Google Classroom                  (Time for Kids~ Kid Heroes) Write a reflection in your copybook to                    share next week.

Friday, April 17th, 2020 


           Science Planet Assignments are due today.  Next week we will have a             science test on Unit 6.  


WEEK OF April 6, 2020               

Monday, April 6, 2020

             Reading & Grammar~  Assessment on Google Classroom

             Religion ~read pages 228 & 229  & Holy Week Assignment posted 

             Math~ Have questions ready for class about fractions.  We will                         review the rest of Chapter 8 today in class

             Social Studies ~ Study for Social Studies Chapter 10 test tomorrow! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

            Religion~ Write an Acrostic Poem about EASTER in your religion                     copybook.  Draw a picture too! Use information from your religion                 wkbk as a guide. 

            Social Studies~ **Chapter 10 Assessment on Google Classroom after Easter break.                        

            Reading~ Read pages 346 & 347 Poems~ write a poem in your                          reading copybook and draw a picture to go with it! Be creative

             Math ~ Review fractions


WEEK OF March 30, 2020

Monday: MARCH 30, 2020

Reading Story:  My Brother Martin

                  Reading:  Complete Title/ Author/ Genre/Vocabulary Words in                            copybook.  Read two short Stories pgs. 325 & 327

                  Spelling~ Write Words  ( My Brother Martin) #1-10 3x’s each 

                  Writing~ Personal Narrative : Due April 2nd ( 5-7 sentences)

                               ~ Remember to Journal everyday!

                  Math~ Fractions~ Chapter 8 Lessons 8 & 9 & Work on fraction                            packet 

                 Social Studies: Chapter 10 Past, Present, & Future Assignment                         Due  April 1st

                Science~ read and complete pgs. 332 & 333 & Work on Planet                            Assignments ( Postcard/Brochure & Design Your Own Planet due                      April 3rd)

                Religion~ Study and review for Chapter 19 Quiz ( will be posted                      on Google Classroom)

Tuesday: March 31, 2020

                 Religion~ Review for Chapter 19 Quiz & Write a prayer for                               healing and peace during this time.  You may add a picture too.                         We will share in class! 

                 Reading~ Read story~ My Brother Martin ~ pgs. 328-342

                                   Readers Writers Notebook pg. 387 

                 Spelling ~ Write #1-10 3x’s each 

                 Writing ~ Continue working Personal Narrative Writing 

                                   Journal time!

                  Math~ Chapter 8 : Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548

                  Science ~ Read & complete pgs. 332 & 333 & work on Planet                              Assignments

                 Social Studies~ Wkbk pg.  66 

                 Poems due today~ SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! We will recite during class                   today! 

WEDNESDAY, April 1, 2020

               Religion~ Online Chapter 19 Quiz & Prayer Share 

               Reading~ Complete pg. 342 Think Critically #1-5 

               Spelling~ Write #20-25 3x’s each 

              Writing~  Personal Narrative Due FRIDAY!

              Math~ Chapter 8 Fractions Review pgs. 549-551 & Packet

              Science~ Read & complete pages 334-338

             Social Studies~ Review for Chapter 10 Quiz * & Project due today (                 Past, Present, & Future Entrepreneur) 

Thursday, April 2, 2020 

                   Religion:  Chapter 21 read pgs. 175 & 176

                   Reading ~ RWNB pgs. 388, 389, 394

                  Spelling ~ Paragraph Challenge Write a paragraph using 10                                words! In copybook

                 Math~ Review for upcoming quizzes on Fractions! 

                 Science~ text pgs. 349 & 340 & Quiz tomorrow on Planets!

                 Social Studies~  Review for Chapter 10 Quiz 

Friday, April 3, 2020

              No ZOOM class today! 

             Work on any upcoming assignments and projects:

             Reading Packet due today, Religion Stations of the Cross, Science                       Planet Projects

             Check Google Classroom for Math, Religion, & Social Studies Quiz 

             Find a poem for April to recite~ April is National Poetry Month! 

             Friday~ Religion Quiz, Math Quiz (2 to be completed), Science Quiz on Planets. 

Next week Test Schedule:  Find in GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Monday, April 6th: My Brother Martin: Reading & Spelling Test

Tuesday, April 7th : My Brother Martin: Grammar Assessment


WEEK of March 23, 2020

Spanish Packet Week 2

Reading Website:  Moonwalk

Monday, March 23rd:

Religion:  Start with a prayer, read pgs. 171 & 172 

                  Work on Lent Packet and Stations of the Cross Packet

Reading: Complete Title/Author/ Genre/ Reading Vocabulary Words

                 Read story Moonwalk short stories pgs. 291, 292 

                  Read story Moonwalk pgs. 294-305 

                  RWNB. pgs. 362 & 364

                  Memorize March Poems

Spelling: Write words #1-10 3x’s each

Math:  Lesson 9 pgs. 537 – 542 ( look for fraction videos on Google Classroom/ Khan Academy)

Science: Read and complete pgs. 327 – 329 

                Science Current Event 

Social Studies:  Continue working on Chapter 10 Review and Past, Present, & Future Entrepreneurs Assignment


TUESDAY: March 24th

Religion ~ Read and complete pgs. 167- 168 

Reading~ Read Story Moonwalk Read pgs. 294- 306 

                  Complete Think Critically pg. 306 #1-5

                   Readers/ Writers pgs. 362 & 364

                   Spelling ~ Write Words #11-20 x’s each

                   Vocabulary~ Workshop~ Continue working on packet

Math~ Complete Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548

Social Studies~ Continue working on Chapter 10 Review, Past, Present, & Future Assignment, & Current Event

Science~  Read and complete pgs. 330-331 & continue working on Current Event.  Science Assignment 

Planet Project:  Create a Postcard or Planet Brochure. Be sure to include facts about the planet you choose to write about and draw a picture the planet! Use facts and be creative! You may type this assignment too!  I created a GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Image result for science planet assignment for 4th grade

Wednesday: March 25, 2020

Feast of the Annunciation~ Say a prayer to Mary, Our Blessed Mother today~

Reading ~ Readers Writers Pages 363 & 369

                      Spelling Write #20- 25 3x’s each

                     Vocabulary~ Continue Working Vocabulary Workshop

Religion~ Read and complete  pgs. 167 & Lent packet

                   Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #1

Math~ Continue working on  Lesson 10 pgs. 543-548 

              Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #1

Science ~ Read and complete pgs. 332-335 & continue working on Science Planet Project

 Social Studies ~ Continue working on Current Events & Chapter 10 Assignment

Thursday: March 26, 2020

Religion~ Daily Maintenance Sheet Column #2 

Reading ~ Text pgs. 308- 309

                   Writing pg. 308 Prompt ~ Personal Narrative Write a rough draft                      in your copybook

                    Spelling Write a sentence for #1-10 words

Math ~  Chapter 8 Review pgs. 549-551 &

                Daily  Maintenance Sheet Column #2

Science ~ pgs. 336-340 & Continue working on Planet Project

Social Studies~ continue Chapter 10 assignments


Friday: March 27, 2020 ~ WEAR YOUR ST. MARK GEAR for ZOOM! Make the St. Mark Lion..ROAR!!!

Religion~ Irish Blessings due today! 

                   Wrap up Lent packet & Daily Maintenance Column #3

Reading ~ Packet ( short stories)

                    Readers Writers pg. 370

                    Spelling ~ Sentences for #11- 20 words

 Math~ Fraction Packet ( complete two pages) &

              Daily Maintenance Column #3

Science ~Current Events & Work on Planet Project due April 3rd

Social Studies~ Past, Present, and Future Project & Current Event Due today! 


Week of March 16th, 2020

Good Morning God Prayer~ Morning Prayers~ Afternoon Prayers

Reading Website: Antarctic Journal

Monday 16th : Follow Day 1 of packet

Tuesday 17th : Follow Day 2 of packet

Wednesday 18th : Follow Day 3 of packet

Thursday 19th:  Follow Day 4 of packet & PRAY THE ROSARY @ 4p.m.

Friday 20th:  Follow Day 5 of packet

Extras:  Math Packet, Current Events, Writing Assignments, Religion Packet, Memorize MARCH poems

Spanish ~ Packet Week 1 


Helpful Websites:

Christ Our Life / Loyola Press~ Grade 4



Username: SadlierStudent

Password: ReadyToLearn!

sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com#null (orange book)

Spelling City 



IXL~ Math Grade 4 

khanacademy.org ~ Grade 4


Common Core Sheets


nationalgeographic.org ( Study with Kahoot)


Current Events:


Time for Kids 



Monday ~ Spanish

Tuesday~ Computers

Wednesday~ Music

Thursday~ Art

Friday~ Gym/Library 


4th Grade Supply List 2019- 2020:

The following will be provided by Saint Mark School:

Blue marble composition books

Theme tablets

The following will be purchased outside of school:

Sharpened pencils/mechanical pencils

Red pens


5        Two-pocket folders

1        Pencil case

1        Twelve inch ruler (non-bendable plastic)

1        box of colored pencils (12)

1        pack of crayons (24)

1        pack of markers (8)

1        art box(standard size 8 5/8 x 5 3/4) NO LARGER PLEASE

2       rolls of tape

1        pair of scissors

1        bottle of Elmer’s liquid glue

2       glue sticks

index cards/index card box

School bag

**All textbooks must be covered with a book sock or brown paper***

***All workbooks must be covered with clear contact paper***

Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year. (Pencils, pens, glue-sticks, and tape are some examples).

**Please label your child’s crayons, markers, colored pencils, tape, ruler and glue-sticks with their names only, in Sharpie markers.**






  • Pray
  • Respect One Another
  • Help Each Other
  • Be Happy
  • Show Compassion
  • Be Thankful
  • Dream Big
  • Listen
  • Learn New Things
  • Be Creative
  • Be Patient
  • Study


Homework Help



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spanish Religion Religion ART Religion
Religion ELA Snack Religion GYM
Snack Snack Technology  ELA Snack
ELA ELA Math Snack Math
Math Math S.S Math ELA
 S.S     S.S  
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Science Music Science Science S.S.
ELA  S.S ELA