3rd Grade

Miss Taylor Furey


Welcome to 3rd Grade! My name is Taylor Furey and I am pleased to be your child’s teacher for the 2019-2020 school year! Third grade is such an awesome grade and I am so excited to start this journey.

This will be my first year teaching at St. Mark School and I am more than happy to be here. I’ve went to catholic school in the area my whole life. Within the past few months I’ve graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education! While I was at Kutztown University, I student taught in 3rd grade and loved every minute of it. In my spare time, I  love to spend time with my family, shop, and go on adventures with my friends! 3rd grade was my favorite grade as a student, so my goal for this year is to make the year just as special as mine was! I have lots of exciting plans for the 3rd graders this year and I cannot wait to get started very shortly.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at tfurey@stmarkmail.com.


January 22nd, 2020

  • ELA- make flashcards for 4 vocabulary words of your choosing. (They don’t have to be actual flashcards, they can be made.)
  • Reading comprehension worksheet.
  • Math- complete pages 311 and 312.
  • 2 spelling tasks due Friday.
  • Science and Simple Solutions quiz tomorrow.- study!
  • Social Studies quiz, Reading test, and Spelling test Friday!

January 21st, 2020

  • ELA- Readers and Writers Notebook page 263.
  • Math- pages 304, 305, and 306.
  • Religion- write 1 paragraph in your religion copybook about how Jesus brings you peace and joy.
  • 2 spelling tasks due by Friday.
  • Simple Solutions quiz and open book Science quiz Thursday- study!


  • Tests will be coming back Thursday this week. 
  • Catholic Schools Week next week!
  • Lip Sync Battle Saturday, January 25th.
  • Open house on Sunday, January 26th.
  • If you would still like to sign up for career day, please fill out the form that was sent home!
  • If you would like to volunteer for the Book Fair, please fill out and hand in the form that was sent home!

UPCOMING Tests/Quizzes for the week of 1/21

Monday: off




Simple Solutions Quiz (lessons 53-56)

Science Quiz (Unit 3, lessons 1 and 2) 


Reading Test (Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest)

Spelling Test

Social Studies Quiz (lessons 1 and 2)

Special Schedule:

Monday- Spanish

Tuesday- Computer

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Art

Friday- Gym

Spelling Words for the week of 1/21

  • third
  • early
  • world
  • certain
  • dirty
  • herself
  • earth
  • word
  • perfect
  • verb
  • nerve
  • worm
  • thirsty
  • workout
  • earn
  • determine
  • commercial
  • whirlwind
  • worthwhile
  • virtual



Scholastic Book Fairs Reading

 Social Studies



 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday   Thursday   Friday  
 Morning Work -ELA-then Religion  Morning Work-ELA- then Religion  Morning Work -ElA-then Technology  Morning Work -ELA-then Religion  Morning Work-ELA- then Religion
  ELA-Snack-  ELA  Religion-Snack  ELA ELA, Snack
ELA   Music-Snack ELA  Art-Snack Math
Math  ELA  Math  ELA  GYM
 Lunch  Math Lunch Math ELA
Science  Lunch Science  Lunch Lunch
Social Studies  ELA  Social Studies  ELA  ELA
  Spanish Science Science  Science   Science