Mrs. Catherine Ropars


Hi! My name is Mrs. Ropars.  I am thrilled to be teaching First Grade at St. Mark School.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am starting my third year teaching at St.Mark.  I love the children and teaching in a catholic school.

I have my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Chestnut Hill College.  I earned my teaching certification and I have taught children in Early Intervention, Pre-K, First Grade, and Second Grade.  However, my most important job was being a mom.

My husband, Tom, and I raised three children.  Their names are Katelynn, Shawn, and Lisa. My children attended catholic school.  I believe a catholic school education was very important in our family. Therefore, I am happy to assist you in providing the best education for your child at St. Mark Catholic School.


Dear Parents,

Thank you for all that you do.  Your hard work and effort is paying off. Through your guidance and encouragement, your child is learning new things everyday and tackling new challenges at school.

If your child struggles at times, help him/her to understand that mistakes are opportunities for learning.  With enough practice and dedication to learning, they will be successful.

Encourage your child to read often through the week.  Help him/her to distinguish between words with a short vowel sound or a long vowel sound. Help with reading multi-syllable words and build vocabulary through discussions and sharing ideas.  Happy reading!

Have a good week.


Mrs. Ropars



ELA– Prepare for final test.

Tuesday – 6/5/18

Math– Final test tomorrow

ELA– Prepare for final test

*Remember to get your own t-shirt for Friday. (Check your homework copybook for the color.)

*Free Dress Down Day tomorrow.

Monday – 6/4/18

Religion– Study for the final test. Keep your book home.

Math– Prepare for your test.  Keep your math book with the kite cover at home.

Friday -6/1/18

  1. Prepare for the Religion, Math, and ELA tests.
  2. Wear the assigned color t-shirt on Friday, June 8 for Spirit Day.

Thursday- 5/31/18

  1. Prepare for the Religion, Math, and ELA final tests.
  2. Get tests signed and return the yellow folder.
  3.  Return the Spanish folder to school.

Wednesday – 5/30/18

Reading/Writing– Prepare for the Unit 4 Benchmark Test.

Religion– Discuss how to show reverence to God at Mass.

Tuesday -5/29/18

Spelling -Final assessment-tomorrow

Reading/Writing– Assessment- Thursday

*Sharpen pencils.

Thursday- 5/24/18

Reading– Study for final test.

Spelling -Study for final test.

Writing -Prepare for final assessment.

Wednesday -5/23/18

(Same as Tuesday)

Tuesday- 5/22/18

Religion– Study pages 211 to 218 for test.

Spelling -Study words.

Math– Review for final test.

Reading -Study all words for Unit 4.

Bring a lunch in a disposable bag marked with your name.  Wear gym clothes.

Leave your backpack at home until Thursday.

Monday- 5/21/18

Religion -Study Chapter 24 (pages 211 to 218).  Test on Thursday

Spelling- Study for final assessment.

Math- Test on Tuesday-  Review halves, thirds, and fourths.

Reading -Study for Unit 4 Test.

Grammar– Study for Simple Solutions Quiz, pages 98 to 105.


Tuesday, 6/5/18-Religion Assessment

Wednesday, 6/6/18- Math Assessment

Thursday, 6/7/18-ELA Assessment



It is very important for your child to arrive on time for the morning session by 7:35 a.m.  Your child is to come to the classroom upon arrival to unpack, put away his or  her belongings, and begin the assigned morning work.  If your child is arriving after 7:35, please tell him or her  to go to the office for a late slip.  The slip will be marked “Excused” if there is a valid reason for being late.  If there is a pattern of unexcused latenesses, the parents will be invited to attend a conference with the teacher.

If your child is absent from school for any reason, a note must come in with your child the day he or she returns to school.  Please include your child’s name, the date of missed school days, and the reason.  This will ensure all school absences are documented properly.

Class Participation:
Students are expected to be prepared for class.  This includes having the necessary tools do school work and participate in all activities.  Your child should come to school each day with three sharpened pencils, 2 glue sticks, crayons, safety scissors, and a good eraser.

Written homework is to be done and returned the next day (unless it is other wise stated).  All work must be neat and complete.  Please follow the directions provided on the homework.  Studying should be on going, including practicing words you make on index cards from the word lists.  The children need to be able to recognize and say the word on sight.  Please drill addition and subtraction facts, also.

Also, students are expected to actively participate within the classroom by responding orally when requested and in all forms of written work.

If your child is going home a different way other than normal, please send in a note. Tell your child when he or she has a note, so they know to look for it in their folder and bring it to my attention.  Also, it is important to inform your child of a change ahead of time so they are not surprised or unsure.

Your child must take responsibility for his/her own actions. This includes behavior. We have discussed the rules for school: (1) Listen when others are talking. (2) Follow directions.  (3) Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  (4) Work quietly and do not disturb others. (5) Show respect for school and personal property. (6) Work and play in a safe manner.

Grading Scale:

O-Outstanding              97 – 100

VG-Very Good               91 – 96

G-Good                          84 – 90

S-Satisfactory                77 – 83

I-Inconsistent Quality   72 – 76

U-Unsatisfactory          71 and below





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