Administration, Faculty and Staff

Our teachers are dedicated to the academic and moral development of all students, ensuring each child receives the attention they deserve to be able to reach their full potential. Each grade’s curriculum has been specifically designed with these things in mind.


Pastor Fr. Dennis Mooney  SMS_email
Principal Mrs. Maria Sanson     SMS_email
Pre-K Miss Kelli McDonald SMS_email
Kindergarten Mrs. Kathleen Chapman SMS_email
Grade 1 Mrs. Catherine Ropars SMS_email
Grade 2 Mrs. Ashley O’Neil SMS_email
Grade 3 Mrs. Ayva O’Neil SMS_email
Grade 4 Mrs. Jeanine McGee SMS_email
Grade 5 Mrs. Leann Collins SMS_email
Grade 6 Mrs. Jill Carlin SMS_email
Grade 7 Miss Lindsay Straub SMS_email
Grade 8 Mrs. Amy Del Rossi SMS_email
Music Mrs. Kathy Wade SMS_email
Physical Education Mr. William La Rosa
Technology Mrs. Bridget Shaw   SMS_email
Art Mrs. Michelle Mitchell SMS_email
Spanish Miss Karen Rodriguez SMS_email
School Aide Mrs. Therese Cavanagh
Library Mrs. Anna Mancini  (Volunteer)
School Secretary Ms. Erin Melling  SMS_email
Nutritional Development Mrs. Kimberly Roche
Nurse Mrs. Stephanie Keller
Maintenance Mr. Pablo Berrocal
Athletics Director Mr. Sam LaRosa   SMS_email