Our school will be closed until further notice!

St. Mark Roman Catholic School, located on the banks of the Delaware River in Historic Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful place to learn.


As a parent, one of the most important decisions you face is where to send your child to school. St. Mark School offers a comprehensive and complete education — rooted in spirituality — that will develop a well-rounded student with advantages that will last a lifetime.

At St. Mark School, you can expect that your child will receive a rigorous and relevant education acquiring an everlasting curiosity to seek and learn more for a lifetime. In addition, embedded across all curriculum are foundational components exposing students to moral excellence and humility.  


We recognize the impact the proliferation of technology has had on the way students learn. This has changed the way our faculty teaches and communicates with students. We have invested in connected classrooms with computers, wireless internet and digital workspaces in support of online engagement.

Our focus goes beyond education and spiritual awareness to include personal growth and social-interaction. We offer experiences outside the classroom so that our students possess the keys to become fully evolved members of a larger and more diverse community.